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Dr. Naresh Kumar M.D.
Medical Director

Dr. Naresh Kumar graduated from the University of Calcutta, India in 1975. He trained further in the United Kingdom from 1976 to 1978, earning his MRCP (UK) from the University of Edinburgh. In 1980 he moved to Canada and completed his training in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Critical Care Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

He started his practice in Whitby, Ontario in 1985, serving as Chief of Medicine at Whitby General Hospital until the acute care facility closed in 1998.

Dr. Kumar has participated in numerous international meeting, lecturing at the Intra-Mural Programs for the American College of Cardiology, World Congress of Cardiology and The Cardiac Rehabilitation Congress of South America in Buenos Aires, and the International Congress of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy in Salvador, Brazil. On a regular basis he lectures to groups of physicians in Southern Ontario.

Dr. Kumar has been a co-author with Dr. Robert S. Eliot in a chapter in Hurst: The Heart: The Heart, Emotional Stress and Psychiatric Disorders in the Textbook of Cardiology, 9th Edition. As well as co-authoring the article Emotions and Coronary Heart Disease in the Heart and Stoke Journal, November/December 1994.

Dr. Kumar has been involved in a long list of research and presented abstracts dealing with Stress and its effect on Heart Disease.

Dr. Kumar has been interviewed on 20/20 Show with Barbara Walters and on CBS This Morning Show discussing Sudden Cardiac Death and Stress-Heart Relationship.

Dr. Kumar has been honoured by a patient in Whitby with an endowment at McMaster University. The Dr. Naresh Kumar Scholarship in the amount of $20,000 is to be awarded annually to a 3rd year Cardiology resident.

Dr. Kumar’s primary practice is in the management of Risk Factors of Coronary Artery Disease, Preventative Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation. His strengths include the management of cholesterol and hypertension. He also practices Stress Medicine which links Stress with Heart Disease.

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Our facility has a team of over 10 medical staff including, Nurses, Kinesiologist, Respiratory Technologist, Cardiac Technician, Vascular Technician

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