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Procedure Assessment

We accept booking for diagnostic testing as a referral from a Physician. A completed Laboratory Requisition Form including the Referring Physician’s signature and reason for testing is necessary. All tests provided by Whitby Cardiovascular Institute are covered by the Ministry of Health, Ontario (OHIP).

Prior to a patient having a medical diagnostic test performed, a history is taken and procedure explained to the patient.

Cardiac assessments are performed through Cardio-pulmonary Stress Testing, Risk Factor Analysis and Cardiac Database analysis completed by a Nurse or Respiratory Technologist(RRT) and supervising Physician. Cardiac Ultrasound and Stress-Echo tests are performed by the Cardiac sonographer and the supervising Physician.

We provide vascular assessment for Carotid tests, Peripherial Arterial Disease, Venous Duplex Scanning to rule out Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T.). Vascular procedures are performed by a Vascular sonographer under the supervision of a Physician.

Any significant findings in any of our diagnostic procedures is immediately conveyed to the referring physician by telephone, with a copy of the test results faxed to the doctor.

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