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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation services assist cardiac patients to attain a maximum level of fitness both physically and mentally so they can regain control through an altered lifestyle and then eventually return to a normal life.

Cardiovascular RISK FACTOR REDUCTION and PHYSICAL REHABILITATION and LIFESTYLE CHANGE are the main elements of the programme.

The RISK FACTOR REDUCTION is implemented through cholesterol reduction, smoking cessation, weight reduction, lifestyle change and last but not least, physical rehabilitation. The cholesterol reduction is augmented along with nutritional guidance to modify the diet and yet remain flexible enough to encourage compliance. Strong recommendation to patients will help them to select appropriate smoking cessation programs. Weight reduction achieved by a combination of diet and exercise will also be provided. Lifestyle change will be encouraged through psychological stress management to enable the patient to identify and cope with day to day stress.

In the PHYSICAL REHABILITATION part of the program the patient undergoes supervised exercises under the guidance of a Physician and trained Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse. Post-infarct, coronary artery bypass and post-angioplasty patients as well as those with severe family history participate in this programme.

Patients wanting to enroll in the Cardiac Rehab programme must be referred by a Physician. The patients can be referred by their Family Physician or by a Specialist. Baseline diagnostic tests will be performed prior to starting the exercise program to develop the patient’s individual exercise prescription.

The Cardiac Rehab Form has to be signed by the referring physician.

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